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Interior de la Basilica Pontificia San Miguel

St. Michael’s Basilica, Madrid

In the Hapsburg Madrid area, next to the Archbishop’s Palace, is St. Michael’s basilica entruste to Opus Dei since 1960. It is a very important piece of Spanish Baroque, which has been declared a National Historic Monument in 1984. In 1745 the construction of the present church was concluded. On this same site, there was […]

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Capillas Laterales de la Colegiata de San Isidro

Church of San Isidro el Real – Interim Cathedral of Madrid

The Empress Maria of Austria, left her entire fortune to build this church, which started construction during the reign of Felipe IV (Philip IV) . At that time, this church was called Iglesia de San Francisco Javier (St. Francis Xavier). It went on to be a “Colegiata” in 1767 , when Carlos III , expelled […]

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St. Andrew, Churches of Madrid (Iglesia de San Andrés)

The Church of St. Andrew (Iglesia de San Andrés), is one of the most primitive of Madrid parishes. It exists since the twelfth century, and seems to have been built on the site where once there was another church on times of the Islamic Madrid. This area was known as the neighborhood of The Moorish […]

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Parroquia San Jerónimo el Real y el Cubo de Moneo ampliación del Museo del Prado

San Jerónimo el Real (St. Jerome Royal Church) , Madrid

The Parish of San Jerónimo el Real, part of the old monastery of the same name, was one of the most important in Madrid, very closely linked to life on the Court and to the Spanish monarchy. It was built during the years 1503 to 1505 in late Gothic style with Renaissance influences. The cloister, […]

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La Almudena, Cathedral of Madrid

The Almudena Cathedral is located in the historic center of the city, adjoining the Royal Palace, where Bailen Street intersects with Calle Mayor. The exterior of the Cathedral, is neoclassical and the interior is neo-Gothic. View from La Almudena from Bailen and Mayor streets. The frescoes and stained glass in the photo above, were made […]

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The Crypt of the Almudena Cathedral

In the photo below these lines, it’s a view from South to North, where we have the Almudena Cathedral, and the Crypt.   Below this, is what remains of the old Muslim Wall. Just below the Almudena Cathedral, with the three neo protogothic semicircular doors on the picture, is the crypt.  Its construction begun on April 4, […]

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Catedral de la Almudena y El Palacio Real

La Almudena and Royal Palace

The Debod Temple area is on a small hill, which makes it a great place to take pictures of Madrid. In this case, towards the south of the Temple, you have this spot where you can take a picture of  the Royal Palace, Almudena Cathedral, and to the right, Basílica San Francisco el Grande. I […]

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Catedral de La Almudena

La Almudena Cathedral – North Facade

We leave the Plaza de la Villa, and go west on calle Mayor, up to the corner with Bailen street, where we find the imposing image as the one above of the Almudena Cathedral. If we follow a few meters to the west, we find the entrance to the Crypt of the Almudena, and what […]

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