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Palacio de La Cibeles, antes llamado Palacio de las Comunicaciones o Palacio de Correos

Tour Starts At Cibeles

For this walking tour, we will start at Cibeles and walk towards the east, to Puerta de Alcala, which is the main entrance to El Retiro Park. From this point, looking to the west, will be the next photo of Cibeles Plaza: We will start walking to the east, and 200 yards away we can […]

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Tours Madrid, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

Cibeles Square And Its Four Buildings

In our virtual tour, we continue towards the Plaza de Cibeles, walking in front of the Bank of Spain building, on one side of Alcalá, and on the other side, we see the forest and garden, which is in front of the Palacio de Buenavista, building of the Spanish Army Headquarters, until we reach the […]

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Tours Madrid, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

Cibeles Palace

Once in the Plaza Cibeles, and after appreciating the beauty of this place, it is well worth visiting inside the emblematic Cibeles Palace, which was once the main post office in Madrid, and which now houses the City Hall. As you can see, inside, it still holds the post office environment, on the ground floor […]

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Vista de Madrid al Oeste

View of Madrid From Cibeles

This Photo was taken from the terraces on top of the Cibeles Palace. It’s open to the public, and allows 15 minutes tour to the top of the building, which is at the height of an 8 story building, where this photo was taken. This Palace, was once the Central Post Office building of Spain […]

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