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Fuente de Neptuno

Neptuno Plaza Fountain

Next to the Thyssen Museum, we are crossing the Paseo del Prado, towards the Ritz Hotel, and to the right we can see one of the entrances to the Prado Museum.

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Fuente de Neptuno

Neptuno Fountain

Brief History:  Neoclassical marble sculpture, from the second half of XVIII, was part of the idea of King Carlos III to modernize the city of Madrid.  This modernization plan included the placement of emblematic monuments. Today: It’s the meeting point of the Atlético de Madrid football team, when they win important games and titles. Location: […]

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Neptune and Cánovas del Castillo Plaza

Halfway through the Paseo del Prado, we find the Fountain of Neptune, which is in Canovas del Castillo Plaza. In this square, we have many important landmarks of important touristic value, as two of the most important museums of art, as the Prado and the Thyssen Museums, two luxurious hotels with a long tradition, such […]

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