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Estatua del Rey Carlos III en Puerta del Sol

King Carlos III, the Best Mayor of Madrid

This equestrian statue of Carlos III, located in the Puerta del Sol, was inspired by a sculpture of Juan Pascual de Mena, sculpted in wood and plaster in the eighteenth century, and today can be seen at the Royal Academy of San Fernando. Miguel Angel Rodriquez and Eduardo Zancada, were based on this model of […]

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Estatua ecuestre de Epartero el Pacificador

Equestrian Statue of General Baldomero Espartero

The full name of this general from La Mancha, was Joaquín Fernández-Espartero Baldomero Alvarez de Toro (1793-1879).  He was Prince of Vergara, Count of Luchana and Duke de la Victoria, specially due to his achievements on the battlefields during the First Carlist War. The equestrian statue of General Baldomero Espartero, is a sculpture by the […]

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La Mariblanca

Statue of Mariblanca in Puerta del Sol

The sculpture La Mariblanca is a copy of the original, located on the top of a column at the confluence of where  Arenal street meet with Puerta del Sol. La Mariblanca, has an unknown origin, nevertheless it is known that it was purchased in 1625, to decorate the now missing Fountain of Faith (Fuente de […]

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Estatua de Felipe III en la Plaza Mayor

Sparrows Cemetery In The Plaza Mayor

This magnificent statue of King Philip III, located in Plaza Mayor of Madrid, was completed in Florence in 1616 by Giambologna and Pietro Taca. It had been placed at several sites, the first in the Palace of Vargas in Casa de Campo (the large park on the West side of the city), where it remained […]

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Cuadriga en la antigua sede del Banco de Bilbao.

Chariots at the Top of Calle Alcala Buildings

I have always believed that Madrid has great appeal when you look up, on top of buildings. At the beginning of Alcalá Street, close to Metro de Sevilla station, and to Puerta del Sol, there is this building, former headquarters of BBVA Bank, which is crowned by the sculptures of two chariots pulled by four […]

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Escultura Angel Cayendo

Fountain of the Fallen Angel, Retiro Park

This is one of the few statues in the world, of the “angel falling”, name that some residents of Madrid, prefer to name, as not wanting to give a tribute with a sculpture to the angel expelled from Paradise, as in the Bible. They say, “How would I honor the devil?”. The main sculpture of […]

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Lions Of Congress of Deputies

The building of the Congress of Deputies, is guarded by two lions, of which are mentioned in an anecdote, when in late 1985 were taken down from their pedestals for them to be restored. Therefore, temporarily they were placed inside the building. Parliamentarians were surprised to see that one of them had missing its male […]

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Plaza de La Cibeles, vista hacia el Oeste, hacia calle Alcalá y Gran Vía.

La Cibeles Fountain – Cybele Fountain

The Cibeles fountain is a monument worked in marble of Toledo, of the goddess Cybele, on a chariot drawn by lions. It is located in the plaza of the same name where Alcala Street, Paseo del Prado, and Recoletos meet. In this square, there are four important buildings, which are landmarks of Madrid; the Palacio […]

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Monuments To The Discovery Of America, Plaza Colon

On the photos, we have the monument to Christofer Columbus.  On the East side of Plaza de Colón, on the place called the Gardens of Discovery, we have an enormous monument for the Discovery of America. This sculpture of 1977, the work of Joaquín Vaquero Turcios, consists of four large concrete blocks, with a total […]

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Estatua de Felipe IV en la Plaza de Oriente

Equestrian Statue of Philip IV of Spain

In the Plaza de Oriente in Madrid, there is this masterpiece, not only for its artistic value, but also for its technical characteristics. This is the first equestrian sculpture where the horse is rearing, so it is supported on the hind legs. This equestrian statue of Philip IV, was made by Pietro Tacca in 1640, […]

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Estatua de la Plaza del Cascorro

Statue of Eloy Gonzalo at Cascorro Square, Madrid El Rastro.

Plaza de Cascorro, leads the famous Sunday market of El Rastro. This square has been called Cascorro, on behalf of a small Cuban town where Madrilian soldier Eloy Gonzalo, fought heroically. The statue in the photo, shows how the soldier is armed holding a gasoline can with his left arm, and has a long rope […]

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Escultura de Federico García Lorca con la Alondra

Federico García Lorca’s Sculpture – Plaza Santa Ana

The statue of Federico García Lorca is right in front of the Teatro Español, in Plaza Santa Ana. Unfortunately on a night of April 2011, some vandals tore apart the lark from the hands of the statue, and no one saw it. This photo was taken the 24 of July, 2011, and galdfully, it looks […]

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Estanque del Parque del Retiro, Madrid

Retiro Park Pond and Monument to Alfonso XII

The monument to King Alfonso XII, is a sculpture located at the east side of the pond, near the center of the Retiro Park. The monument, funded by public subscription, was inaugurated on June 6, 1922. It is composed of a large colonnade with large number of sculptures that surround the equestrian statue of the […]

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Fuente de Neptuno

Neptuno Fountain

Brief History:  Neoclassical marble sculpture, from the second half of XVIII, was part of the idea of King Carlos III to modernize the city of Madrid.  This modernization plan included the placement of emblematic monuments. Today: It’s the meeting point of the Atlético de Madrid football team, when they win important games and titles. Location: […]

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El Oso y el Madroño - Madrid

Puerta del Sol – The Bear And The Strawberry Tree

From Callao, point (A) in the map above, we walk 200 Mts. on Preciados street towards Puerta del Sol. The Preciados St. with all its shops, is one of the busiest streets of Madrid. Once we arrive to Sol, if we walk towards Alcala street, we find the statue of the bear and the strawberry […]

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Statues of the Kings of Spain in Plaza de Oriente

Plaza de Oriente – Statues Of Spanish Kings

Plaza de Oriente (Orient Square), is located in the historic centre of Madrid. It is a rectangular monumental square with a curved head, whose definitive layout responds to a design by Narciso Pascual y Colomer in 1844. It had several previous projects, and one of its main promoters was King Joseph I, who ordered the […]

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