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Tours Madrid, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

Madrid Walking Tour 1, Starting at Callao Plaza

This Walking Tour is a 3,26 Kms (2 mi 45 yd), that will take you from a starting point, at Callao Plaza.  On this Walking Tour, you will be able to see: (A) Callao Plaza (B) Puerta de Sol (C) Plaza Mayor (D) Calle Cuchilleros y Cava Baja (E) Mercado San Miguel (F) Plaza de la […]

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El Oso y el Madroño - Madrid

Puerta del Sol – The Bear And The Strawberry Tree

From Callao, point (A) in the map above, we walk 200 Mts. on Preciados street towards Puerta del Sol. The Preciados St. with all its shops, is one of the busiest streets of Madrid. Once we arrive to Sol, if we walk towards Alcala street, we find the statue of the bear and the strawberry […]

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Tio Pepe Sign at Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Tio Pepe Neon Sign – Puerta Del Sol

The Tio Pepe Neon sign, that crowned the building at number 1 of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid since 1936, has been taken away on April 2011, to allow the restoration of the building. There was a project to build a new Apple Store in that building, which has opened to the public on […]

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Puerta del Sol - Reloj de Gobernación

Puerta Del Sol, Clock Tower

Another building that we will see in Puerta del Sol, is the Real Casa de Correos (Royal Post Office Building), built in the late eighteenth century, which makes it the oldest building in Sol. In the tower we see in the photograph above, is the famous and very televised clock, the star of the show, […]

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Plaza Mayor Niños Jugando

Plaza Mayor

In this virtual tour, from Puerta del Sol, we continue towards calle Mayor and about 250 meters, to the left hand side, we have the astounding Plaza Mayor. We enter through one of the nine arched gates of the square, and on any day, we can find lots of activities that characterizes it. For example, […]

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Puerta calle Gerona, La Plaza Mayor

Origins of Plaza Mayor

The origins of Plaza Mayor, date back to the sixteenth century, when from the outer part to the southern part of the plaza, was considered just outside the medieval village. This site was known as “Plaza del Arrabal”, and it was the main market of the town. In 1580, having moved the court to Madrid […]

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Puerta Arco de Plaza Mayor Madrid

Toledo Arch Entrance To Plaza Mayor

The Arc of Toledo, also called arch of Cofreros, is where the Toledo street begins. It was called “Arco de Cofreros”, because under the old regime, it was here where they sold the handicrafts produced by the Madrid guild of Cofreros. The Arch of Toledo, is one of the nine arched gateways that give access […]

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Arco de Cuchilleros - Plaza Mayor de Madrid

Cuchilleros Arch – Plaza Mayor

The Arco de Cuchilleros, that could be translated as the Cutlers Arch, is the most famous of the nine arched porticos of the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. It is located in the southwest corner of the square, with its considerable height due to the large gap in the ground level between the Plaza Mayor, and […]

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Mercado San Miguel Madrid

San Miguel Market

From the Arch of Cuchilleros, we’ll walk along the Cava de San Miguel, and a few meters away, through mesons, de la tortilla, de la guitarra, and others, we find the Mercado San Miguel. The San Miguel Market, is located in the plaza of the same name, next to the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. It […]

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Plaza de la Villa, Monumento a Don Álvaro de Bazán

Casa de la Villa – The Old Town Hall

Leaving the San Miguel Market, down Calle Mayor, towards Bailen Street, where La Almudena Cathedral is located, before to the left we find the Plaza de la Villa, Madrid’s medieval center. On the photo above, we see the Casa de la Villa, which from 1693 to 2007 was the main building of the “Ayuntamiento” or […]

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Catedral de La Almudena

La Almudena Cathedral – North Facade

We leave the Plaza de la Villa, and go west on calle Mayor, up to the corner with Bailen street, where we find the imposing image as the one above of the Almudena Cathedral. If we follow a few meters to the west, we find the entrance to the Crypt of the Almudena, and what […]

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Tours Madrid, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

La Almudena Cathedral – Night Photo

La Almudena Cathedral, is the Bishop’s seat of the Archdiocese of Madrid (Spain). It is a temple with 102 meters long and 73 high construction, built during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in a mixture of different styles: neoclassical exterior, neo-Gothic interior and neo-Romanesque crypt. It is located in the historic city center of Madrid, […]

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Tours Madrid, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

Royal Palace – Royal Guard on October 12.

In such a special day as the October 12, Columbus Day and the discovery of America, it is an ideal time to visit the Royal Palace in Madrid. Besides the traditional military parade that day, that goes from the Glorieta de Atocha, to the Plaza Colon, the Kings of Spain, also open the doors of […]

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Roya Palace front plaza oriente

Royal Palace – Plaza Oriente

Once you have seen La Almudena, and the Armory Square of the Royal Palace, we walk 100 meters north, to see the Royal Palace, from Bailen Street, in the monumental Plaza Oriente. The Plaza Oriente today, is closed to traffic, and it is one of the most beautiful places in the city. Before Bailen St. […]

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Statues of the Kings of Spain in Plaza de Oriente

Plaza de Oriente – Statues Of Spanish Kings

Plaza de Oriente (Orient Square), is located in the historic centre of Madrid. It is a rectangular monumental square with a curved head, whose definitive layout responds to a design by Narciso Pascual y Colomer in 1844. It had several previous projects, and one of its main promoters was King Joseph I, who ordered the […]

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Terrazas en los alrededores de la Opera y el Palacio Real

Oriente Plaza- Terraces Next To The Opera

After stroll around the Old Madrid of the Habsburgs, nothing better than relaxing time in one of the terraces in the Plaza de Oriente, for a drink, or to have something to eat. In the Plaza de Oriente and around the Royal Theatre and overlooking the Royal Palace, you can enjoy cozy local bars and […]

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Teatro Real - Opera Madrid

The Opera – Royal Theater

After 100 meters walk from Plaza de Oriente, we are in the Plaza Isabel II, more commonly known as Opera Square, or just Opera, as its Metro station, where we have the eastern facade of the Royal Theater (Teatro Real). In the photo above, we have the Opera Square, and behind the Royal Theater building […]

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Atardecer en Plaza Santo Domingo

Plaza Santo Domingo, Old Parking Lot

After nearly a century of changes in the Plaza Santo Domingo, in February 2006 the demolition work began to convert the old car park, into a quiet pedestrian square. Photos of the refurbishment, click here. From the thirteenth century, until 1836, there was a Dominican convent, founded by Saint Domingo de Guzman. Since those times, […]

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Plaza del Callao por la noche

Plaza del Callao

From Plaza Santo Domingo, we walk either along calle Jacometrezo or better, Preciados street, about 70-80 meters and we’re on the Plaza Callao. Plaza de Callao is some kind of a hub to organize our walking tours of the center of Madrid. This square was built before the great reform that led to the construction […]

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