La Almudena Cathedral – North Facade

La Almudena Cathedral – North Facade

We leave the Plaza de la Villa, and go west on calle Mayor, up to the corner with Bailen street, where we find the imposing image as the one above of the Almudena Cathedral.

If we follow a few meters to the west, we find the entrance to the Crypt of the Almudena, and what is exposed of the old Arab or Muslim wall of Madrid.

In this virtual tour, we will continue northwards to see the following image of the northern facade of La Almudena, which faces the Armory Square and the Royal Palace.

The main facade that faces Armory Square, is located looking towards the south side of the Royal Palace.

Fachada Norte de La Almudena
Fachada Norte de La Almudena

It consists of a large double columned Neoclassical portico, with the lower floor Tuscan-inspired, which after the consecration of the cathedral in 1993, a Baroque niche, sheltering the image of the Virgin de la Almudena, was placed.

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