Federico García Lorca’s Sculpture – Plaza Santa Ana

Federico García Lorca’s Sculpture – Plaza Santa Ana

The statue of Federico García Lorca is right in front of the Teatro Español, in Plaza Santa Ana.

Unfortunately on a night of April 2011, some vandals tore apart the lark from the hands of the statue, and no one saw it.

This photo was taken the 24 of July, 2011, and galdfully, it looks like the lark has been returned, and back in its place again.

The Municipality, spends 100.000 €uros annually, to repair the damage caused to the 2.300 listed monuments that suffer some kind of vandalism. The vast majority of cases, this money is used to clean paint and graffitti, but few times the figures are broken or torn.

There is a free phone number(900 503 340) to report such vandalism

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