King Carlos III, the Best Mayor of Madrid

King Carlos III, the Best Mayor of Madrid

This equestrian statue of Carlos III, located in the Puerta del Sol, was inspired by a sculpture of Juan Pascual de Mena, sculpted in wood and plaster in the eighteenth century, and today can be seen at the Royal Academy of San Fernando.

Miguel Angel Rodriquez and Eduardo Zancada, were based on this model of the sculpture of Pascual de Mena, of only 140 by 160 centimeters, to finish the bronze reproduction in December 1994, and inaugurated the statue, on the 16th of that month.

This statue of Carlos III, was ordered on the early ’90s, as a tribute to the king who has been known and regarded as “the best mayor of Madrid”, for his great contribution to the city’s urban development in the eighteenth century.

Carlos III y el Rótulo Tio Pepe
Carlos III y el Rótulo Tio Pepe

Carlos III, consistent with the Enlightenment movement, led him to promote important works for the enjoyment of citizenship of those times. The streets were widened, and Madrid begun to have the neoclassical air that characterizes it, with its modern buildings and streets with beautiful fountains and gardens.

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