San Miguel Market

San Miguel Market

From the Arch of Cuchilleros, we’ll walk along the Cava de San Miguel, and a few meters away, through mesons, de la tortilla, de la guitarra, and others, we find the Mercado San Miguel.

The San Miguel Market, is located in the plaza of the same name, next to the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. It preserves the original interesting iron structure of the early twentieth century.

This building has been closed for many years, and currently a group of private individuals came with the idea to open a very special market, offering high quality products, seasonal food, culinary advice, ability to test what will be part of your shopping cart or eating snacks, with the advantage of flexible time.

Terraza por los alrededores del Mercado San Miguel
Terraza por los alrededores del Mercado San Miguel

Next to Plaza Mayor, and to the Mercado San Miguel in Madrid, there is a great number of terraces to eat or have a drink, with the magnificent climate of Madrid are kept open most of the year.

On this walking tour of Madrid, we could also enter the Mercado San Miguel to appreciate its uniqueness as a tourist and gastronomic attraction.

To see more photos of the Mercado San Miguel, please CLICK HERE.

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