Santa Ana Plaza in Madrid, And Its Terrace Bars

Santa Ana Plaza in Madrid, And Its Terrace Bars

The Santa Ana Plaza, is the center of the Huertas area in Madrid. As seen in the picture, it is very active having many terraces, bars and restaurants, all day.

Also at night time, there are many places in the surroundings, to dine indoors, or a terrace, and after dinner, there are places to listen to music, and have a drink.

The building in the background, is a hotel known as Gran Hotel Reina Victoria. Its white façade overlooks the square, and the Teatro Español (Spanish Theatre), which is in this photo, would be just behind the photographer.

This eclectic modernist styled building, was designed and built in the period from 1919 to 1923, by the architect Jesus Carrasco-Muñoz.

Before becoming a hotel in 1986, it was a department store, called Simeon Stores.

It is worth taking the lift to the roof, where there is a Chill Out bar where you can have a drink, and wonderful views of this part of the city.

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