The Viaduct of Segovia, Madrid

The Viaduct of Segovia, Madrid

The Bailen Street Viaduct, also called Viaduct of Segovia, is only about 100 meters from the Almudena Cathedral, and walking distance from the old part of town, as you can see on the background of the picture above.

"The Viaduct", Madrid.
“The Viaduct”, Madrid.

This structure, has replaced since 1930, the original construction made out of iron and wood, that started on 1874, uniting the drop that existed between The Royal Palace and Las Vistillas. There was a stream of water named Arroyo de San Pedro, that came from a well close to the church of San Pedro el Viejo.

Old Viaduct, Segovia St. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Old Viaduct, Segovia St. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since the beginning, the Viaduct of Segovia, has been known as the “Suicide Bridge”. Many people have attempted suicide from the Viaduct, but a few years ago, the authorities placed an acrylic fence as a security measure to avoid it. The last suicide was in 2008, when Nancys Rubias, the singer of a music group called Susie Pop, jumped from the bridge.

They say that the first to cross the original viaduct, was the corpse of Pedro Calderon de la Barca, when transported from the church of San Francisco el Grande, to the cemetery of St. Nicholas Sacramental.

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