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Maquina Vapor Museo del Ferrocarril de Madrid

Madrid Railway Museum

The Madrid Railway Museum, occupies the former Delicias Station, very close to Atocha Rail Station.  This Museum is managed by the Spanish Railways Foundation, and it is sponsored by RENFE, ADIF, and the Community (Local Government) of Madrid. This museum, first opened in Fernan Nunez Palace, where currently, we have the the Spanish Railways Foundation […]

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Edificio de la antigua sede del Ministerio del Aire

La Moncloa, and the Air Force Headquarters

La Moncloa is an important area of the city of Madrid , as a node for the public transport, being so close to the Complutense University of Madrid, as one of the main entrances to the city, from the Northwest by highway La Coruña, and also since it is close to the Parque del Oeste […]

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Teleferico de Madrid desde la terraza en Casa de Campo.

Madrid Views From The Cable Car In Casa de Campo

A nice walk to from the city center to the northwest, a few steps from the Plaza España, we have the Temple of Debod, Parque del Oeste (West Park), and a little further away, comes the cable car, where on their way to Casa de Campo, you can see great views of the city that […]

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Cuesta de los Ciegos

Legend of The Hill of the Blind

The Hill of the Blind, today is a steep stairway that goes from Calle de Segovia, up to the viewpoint of Las Vistillas. It hides a beautiful legend that goes back to the thirteenth-century, and is characterized by Saint Francis of Assisi. The Legend has it that St. Francis, while heading for the Camino de […]

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Monuments To The Discovery Of America, Plaza Colon

On the photos, we have the monument to Christofer Columbus.  On the East side of Plaza de Colón, on the place called the Gardens of Discovery, we have an enormous monument for the Discovery of America. This sculpture of 1977, the work of Joaquín Vaquero Turcios, consists of four large concrete blocks, with a total […]

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Summer “Fiestas” in Madrid – La Paloma

August is summer vacation time for most Spaniards, and Madrid slows down its pace with less traffic jams and business activity, but greatly increases the action in terms of traditional feasts and festivals. The best known are the Fiestas de La Latina, and La Paloma, held on a public holiday, on August 15. Thousands of […]

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Puerta del Sol - Reloj de Gobernación

History Of The Name of Puerta del Sol in Madrid

The name of Puerta del Sol, came from the time of the “Guerra de las Comunidades de Castilla” (War of the Castile Communities), between years 1520, and 1522. This is the only square in Madrid that does not have the name of “Plaza”. It is said that in June of 1520, the Comunero Movement began […]

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Puerta del Sol, con la Casa de Correos y el Reloj de Gobernación.

Kilometer 0 (Km. 0) In Madrid, Geographical Centre of Spain

This point or mark on the sidewalk in front of the “Casa de Correos”,  (current headquarters of the Community of Madrid), in Puerta del Sol, sets the zero kilometer point, from where the six national roads or motorways A-1 to A-6, start. Also from here  the numbering of the streets of Madrid begin, being the […]

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Estatua de Felipe IV en la Plaza de Oriente

Equestrian Statue of Philip IV of Spain

In the Plaza de Oriente in Madrid, there is this masterpiece, not only for its artistic value, but also for its technical characteristics. This is the first equestrian sculpture where the horse is rearing, so it is supported on the hind legs. This equestrian statue of Philip IV, was made by Pietro Tacca in 1640, […]

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Madrid Rio con el Puente Arganzuela sobre el Manzanares.

Madrid Río, and Fountains of “Madrid’s Beach”

It is a fact that Madrid has no beach, but it has always been a dream for Madrilians. Back in 1932, an artificial beach on the Manzanares River was opened to the public. A dam was built there for this purpose. This beach, was destroyed in 1939 during the Spanish Civil War. In addition to […]

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Estatua de la Plaza del Cascorro

Statue of Eloy Gonzalo at Cascorro Square, Madrid El Rastro.

Plaza de Cascorro, leads the famous Sunday market of El Rastro. This square has been called Cascorro, on behalf of a small Cuban town where Madrilian soldier Eloy Gonzalo, fought heroically. The statue in the photo, shows how the soldier is armed holding a gasoline can with his left arm, and has a long rope […]

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Las Ventas, Madrid’s Famous Bullring

The “Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas” is the largest bullring in Spain, and the third in the world, with a total capacity of 23,798 persons. Bull rings in Mexico, and Valencia, Venezuela, are the largest ones. It is located in calle Alcalá, 237, on the neighborhood called Salamanca, next to the M30 which is […]

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La Rosaleda

La Rosaleda, Retiro Park Rose Garden

At the southern end of the Retiro Park, there is this superb rose garden, known as the “La Rosaleda.” It is a relatively recent addition to the park, by the gardener Cecilio Rodriguez in 1915. The original rose garden was completely destroyed during the Civil War, and two years later, in 1941, the garden was […]

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Detalle de la obra de Jose Maria Sicilia

Contemporary Art Collection at the Botanical Garden

This exhibition called “Natural Paradises: Artificial Reflections“, is part of the 1500 works of art from outstanding Spanish and Latin American artists, which are distributed on Spanish airports and other facilities managed by AENA (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation Authority). The detail above belong to painting L’horabaixaparavent (1997) by José María Sicilia consisting of 5 […]

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Arbol del Amor, también llamado Ciclamor, Algarrobo Loco o Árbol de Judas.

Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, Tree of Love

Tree of Love Cercis siliquastrum This crooked trunk tree, share family with the legumes, like chickpeas, beans, peas, etc.. Its fruits are a bean sheath, in which the seeds grow, but unlike many other vegetables, they are not edible. Flowering of these trees, begin with the early days of heat. Its flowers, have a butterfly […]

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Vista del Jardín Botánico - Fontín circular.

The Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid

Next to the Prado Museum, we have the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, which has been in this location on the Paseo del Prado, since 1781. Previously (inaugurated in 1755), these gardens were at another location near the River Manzanares, in a place which today is called Puerta de Hierro. In the early nineteenth century, […]

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Espectáculo en la Calle - La Noche en Blanco

Madrid’s White Night, a night out with culture.

White Night in Madrid, is a cultural initiative that begun in Berlin in 1997, and then continued in Paris in 2002.  After this, it continued in other European cities. During one night a year, usually in the month of September, many of the attractions of the city remain open to the public, until dawn the […]

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Madrid Walking Tour 1, Starting at Callao Plaza

This Walking Tour is a 3,26 Kms (2 mi 45 yd), that will take you from a starting point, at Callao Plaza.  On this Walking Tour, you will be able to see: (A) Callao Plaza (B) Puerta de Sol (C) Plaza Mayor (D) Calle Cuchilleros y Cava Baja (E) Mercado San Miguel (F) Plaza de la […]

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Estación de Atocha - AVE

AVE – Spanish High Speed Railway Network

The central station for the AVE (Spanish High Speed Rail​​), is Atocha Station. As seen in the picture, inside the old station, with an area of ​​4,000 square meters (4,783 yd²), is a large greenhouse containing an interesting botanical garden with 7,200 plants of 260 different tropical and subtropical, species. Some notes to mention, of […]

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Fuente La Alcachofa en El Retiro

Fountains In Retiro Park

Retiro Park has many beautiful sculptures and fountains, and this one called La Alcachofa (artichoke) was designed by Ventura Rodríguez and decorated with sculptures by Alfonso Giraldo Bergaz,  and Antonio Primo. It was built in 1781 and located close to Puerta de Atocha.  It was transferred in 1880 to its present location in the southwest […]

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Parte Este del Museo del Prado, con la Parroquia de Los Jerónimos, y el Cubo de Moneo.

Moneo’s Cube – El Prado Museum

This is the back (at the east), of the Prado Museum. It is the newly built part (2007), with the back of the original building at your left, and the new Moneo Cube or Los Jerónimos building, to the right of the church with the same name. A better view of the Moneo Cube: The […]

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Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid

Royal Botanical Garden Of Madrid

The Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, is a research center of the National Research Council. Founded on October 17, 1755 by King Fernando VI near the River Manzanares. It was Carlos III who ordered to move it to its current location on the Paseo del Prado in 1781. This botanical garden is arranged in three […]

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Casón del Buen Retiro

Cason del Buen Retiro

Just outside one of the gates of El Retiro Park, we get this building, right in front of us. El Casón del Buen Retiro, is one the two buildings that survived the destruction of the Buen Retiro Palace. Built in 1637 by Alonso Carbonell, it was initially designed as a ballroom space for the Court […]

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Puente Arganzuela sobre el Río Manzanares

Arganzuela Bridge – Manzanares River

The Arganzuela Bridge crosses the Manzanares River, and the Madrid Rio Park, linking two of Madrid´s districts, Carabanchel and Arganzuela. This bridge was designed by French architect Dominique Perrault, and its construction began late on year 2010. It was opened in March 2011. It consists of two tubular sections of 278 meters in length, that […]

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Fuente de las Conchas con el Palacio Real

Campo del Moro

The “Campo del Moro”, is a 49 acres park located in the western part of the Palacio Real.  It is the area that goes from the palace, down the slope towards the Manzanares River, and it is one of three gardens, surrounding the palace. After the first attempts, by King Philip II (1527-1598), the final […]

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Puesto Mercado Tradicional - Los Mostenses Madrid

Traditional Market

Walking down from Callao, to Plaza España, a few meters to the right of Gran Via, you may find a traditional market called Los Mostenses. In your walking tour, you could give it a quick look, or continue on to Plaza España.

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Atardecer de Otoño en Madrid

Madrid Autumn Sunset

Madrid is sunny most of the year, but in autumn the sky gets just the right amount of clouds and tones, that make it very beautiful to watch and photograph. Because of being on a small hill, and overlooking the West from the Debod Temple, is probably one of the best spots to see a […]

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Templo de Debod

Debod Temple Gardens

On our way to Palacio Real and Sabatini Gardens, before leaving the Debod Temple area, we give it the last glimpse with the stunning illumination.

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El Oso y el Madroño - Madrid

Puerta del Sol – The Bear And The Strawberry Tree

From Callao, point (A) in the map above, we walk 200 Mts. on Preciados street towards Puerta del Sol. The Preciados St. with all its shops, is one of the busiest streets of Madrid. Once we arrive to Sol, if we walk towards Alcala street, we find the statue of the bear and the strawberry […]

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Tio Pepe Sign at Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Tio Pepe Neon Sign – Puerta Del Sol

The Tio Pepe Neon sign, that crowned the building at number 1 of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid since 1936, has been taken away on April 2011, to allow the restoration of the building. There was a project to build a new Apple Store in that building, which has opened to the public on […]

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Puerta del Sol - Reloj de Gobernación

Puerta Del Sol, Clock Tower

Another building that we will see in Puerta del Sol, is the Real Casa de Correos (Royal Post Office Building), built in the late eighteenth century, which makes it the oldest building in Sol. In the tower we see in the photograph above, is the famous and very televised clock, the star of the show, […]

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Plaza Mayor Niños Jugando

Plaza Mayor

In this virtual tour, from Puerta del Sol, we continue towards calle Mayor and about 250 meters, to the left hand side, we have the astounding Plaza Mayor. We enter through one of the nine arched gates of the square, and on any day, we can find lots of activities that characterizes it. For example, […]

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Puerta calle Gerona, La Plaza Mayor

Origins of Plaza Mayor

The origins of Plaza Mayor, date back to the sixteenth century, when from the outer part to the southern part of the plaza, was considered just outside the medieval village. This site was known as “Plaza del Arrabal”, and it was the main market of the town. In 1580, having moved the court to Madrid […]

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Puerta Arco de Plaza Mayor Madrid

Toledo Arch Entrance To Plaza Mayor

The Arc of Toledo, also called arch of Cofreros, is where the Toledo street begins. It was called “Arco de Cofreros”, because under the old regime, it was here where they sold the handicrafts produced by the Madrid guild of Cofreros. The Arch of Toledo, is one of the nine arched gateways that give access […]

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Arco de Cuchilleros - Plaza Mayor de Madrid

Cuchilleros Arch – Plaza Mayor

The Arco de Cuchilleros, that could be translated as the Cutlers Arch, is the most famous of the nine arched porticos of the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. It is located in the southwest corner of the square, with its considerable height due to the large gap in the ground level between the Plaza Mayor, and […]

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Mercado San Miguel Madrid

San Miguel Market

From the Arch of Cuchilleros, we’ll walk along the Cava de San Miguel, and a few meters away, through mesons, de la tortilla, de la guitarra, and others, we find the Mercado San Miguel. The San Miguel Market, is located in the plaza of the same name, next to the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. It […]

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Plaza de la Villa, Monumento a Don Álvaro de Bazán

Casa de la Villa – The Old Town Hall

Leaving the San Miguel Market, down Calle Mayor, towards Bailen Street, where La Almudena Cathedral is located, before to the left we find the Plaza de la Villa, Madrid’s medieval center. On the photo above, we see the Casa de la Villa, which from 1693 to 2007 was the main building of the “Ayuntamiento” or […]

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