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Placa Calderon de la Barca en Calle Mayor, 61.

The narrow house where Calderon de la Barca lived.

In 61 of the Calle Mayor of Madrid, there is a very narrow building, which in turn is the house where Pedro Calderon de la Barca lived for eighteen years, until his death on the 25th May 1681. In those days, it only he had two floors and was called “the narrow house” because of […]

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Tours Madrid, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

Madrid Walking Tour 1, Starting at Callao Plaza

This Walking Tour is a 3,26 Kms (2 mi 45 yd), that will take you from a starting point, at Callao Plaza.  On this Walking Tour, you will be able to see: (A) Callao Plaza (B) Puerta de Sol (C) Plaza Mayor (D) Calle Cuchilleros y Cava Baja (E) Mercado San Miguel (F) Plaza de la […]

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