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Interior de la Basilica Pontificia San Miguel

St. Michael’s Basilica, Madrid

In the Hapsburg Madrid area, next to the Archbishop’s Palace, is St. Michael’s basilica entruste to Opus Dei since 1960. It is a very important piece of Spanish Baroque, which has been declared a National Historic Monument in 1984. In 1745 the construction of the present church was concluded. On this same site, there was […]

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Estatua de Felipe III en la Plaza Mayor

Sparrows Cemetery In The Plaza Mayor

This magnificent statue of King Philip III, located in Plaza Mayor of Madrid, was completed in Florence in 1616 by Giambologna and Pietro Taca. It had been placed at several sites, the first in the Palace of Vargas in Casa de Campo (the large park on the West side of the city), where it remained […]

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Placa Calderon de la Barca en Calle Mayor, 61.

The narrow house where Calderon de la Barca lived.

In 61 of the Calle Mayor of Madrid, there is a very narrow building, which in turn is the house where Pedro Calderon de la Barca lived for eighteen years, until his death on the 25th May 1681. In those days, it only he had two floors and was called “the narrow house” because of […]

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Bandera de Madrid despues de 1983.

Seven Stars and Crimson Red Flag Madrid

The crimson red flag as the banner of Castile, and that Madrid was part of the kingdom until 1833. The flag consists of seven white five-pointed stars and adopts it officially on December 23, 1983. There are different versions of why the seven stars. Some say that it represents the constellation Ursa Minor, while other […]

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Tours Madrid, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

The Viaduct of Segovia, Madrid

The Bailen Street Viaduct, also called Viaduct of Segovia, is only about 100 meters from the Almudena Cathedral, and walking distance from the old part of town, as you can see on the background of the picture above. This structure, has replaced since 1930, the original construction made out of iron and wood, that started […]

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Tours Madrid, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

Summer “Fiestas” in Madrid – La Paloma

August is summer vacation time for most Spaniards, and Madrid slows down its pace with less traffic jams and business activity, but greatly increases the action in terms of traditional feasts and festivals. The best known are the Fiestas de La Latina, and La Paloma, held on a public holiday, on August 15. Thousands of […]

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La Diosa Cibeles también llamada Metragirta.

The Legend of Prince Bianor, And The Name of Madrid

It seems that in the Spanish Golden Age, many writers and scholars worked on a legend to explain the origin of the name of Madrid. This legend begins with the survivors of the Battle of Troy, and being Prince Bianor one of them, who tried to return to Greece, without success. Eventually he settled and […]

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Puerta del Sol, con la Casa de Correos y el Reloj de Gobernación.

Kilometer 0 (Km. 0) In Madrid, Geographical Centre of Spain

This point or mark on the sidewalk in front of the “Casa de Correos”,  (current headquarters of the Community of Madrid), in Puerta del Sol, sets the zero kilometer point, from where the six national roads or motorways A-1 to A-6, start. Also from here  the numbering of the streets of Madrid begin, being the […]

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Madrid Rio con el Puente Arganzuela sobre el Manzanares.

Madrid Río, and Fountains of “Madrid’s Beach”

It is a fact that Madrid has no beach, but it has always been a dream for Madrilians. Back in 1932, an artificial beach on the Manzanares River was opened to the public. A dam was built there for this purpose. This beach, was destroyed in 1939 during the Spanish Civil War. In addition to […]

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Crystal Tower, and Space Tower – Madrid

The four buildings of the CTBA, are standing next to each other, and on this photo, you can see the reflection of Torre Espacio (Space Tower), on the Crystal Tower. The Crystal Tower, is located North of Madrid. With its 249 meters and 52 storeys, it is the tallest building in Spain and the eighth […]

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Jardines Parterre del Retiro

Retiro Park Parterre Garden

French style garden, that has just a few variations from the original eighteenth century garden, created by Felipe V, on the old garden, built by Felipe IV. It is rectangular with semicircular head, and a central corridor, remembering the floor plan design of a Gothic cathedral.

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Tio Pepe Sign at Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Tio Pepe Neon Sign – Puerta Del Sol

The Tio Pepe Neon sign, that crowned the building at number 1 of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid since 1936, has been taken away on April 2011, to allow the restoration of the building. There was a project to build a new Apple Store in that building, which has opened to the public on […]

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Arco de Cuchilleros - Plaza Mayor de Madrid

Cuchilleros Arch – Plaza Mayor

The Arco de Cuchilleros, that could be translated as the Cutlers Arch, is the most famous of the nine arched porticos of the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. It is located in the southwest corner of the square, with its considerable height due to the large gap in the ground level between the Plaza Mayor, and […]

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Plaza de la Villa, Monumento a Don Álvaro de Bazán

Casa de la Villa – The Old Town Hall

Leaving the San Miguel Market, down Calle Mayor, towards Bailen Street, where La Almudena Cathedral is located, before to the left we find the Plaza de la Villa, Madrid’s medieval center. On the photo above, we see the Casa de la Villa, which from 1693 to 2007 was the main building of the “Ayuntamiento” or […]

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Roya Palace front plaza oriente

Royal Palace – Plaza Oriente

Once you have seen La Almudena, and the Armory Square of the Royal Palace, we walk 100 meters north, to see the Royal Palace, from Bailen Street, in the monumental Plaza Oriente. The Plaza Oriente today, is closed to traffic, and it is one of the most beautiful places in the city. Before Bailen St. […]

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