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Obras Derribo Antiguo Parking Plaza Santo Domingo

Works of Plaza Santo Domingo. Photos before and after.

Where today is the Plaza de Santo Domingo in Madrid, way back in 1218, there was a Dominican convent, founded by Domingo de Guzman. This was demolished in the time of Joseph I Bonaparte, where they placed an outdoor flower market, in this same area. Joseph I, was known as “King Squares”, since he opened […]

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Plaza Santo Domingo

Since the thirteenth century, there was a big Dominican convent founded by St. Domingo de Guzmán in the year 1218. For most of the nineteenth century there was a famous flower market in this plaza. In the 1920s the first underground car park in Spain, took the space of the flower market, and after nearly […]

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Atardecer en Plaza Santo Domingo

Plaza Santo Domingo, Old Parking Lot

After nearly a century of changes in the Plaza Santo Domingo, in February 2006 the demolition work began to convert the old car park, into a quiet pedestrian square. Photos of the refurbishment, click here. From the thirteenth century, until 1836, there was a Dominican convent, founded by Saint Domingo de Guzman. Since those times, […]

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