Video of Plaza España

 Video of Plaza Mayor of Madrid

Video of the grand arched square of Madrid, that was known as the Plaza del Arrabal (Outskirts) , since the sixteenth century, had many uses, but mainly it was the main market of the town.

Other uses of the Plaza Mayor in the past, was as a bullring, for public demonstrations, and even as the place for public executions, during the Spanish Inquisition.

The first building that maintained the height, that would give the standard to the rest of the square buildings, was the Bakery House (Casa de la Panadería) on the photo. In 1617 the architect Juan Gómez de Mora, gave the uniformity to the buildings that surround the Plaza.

Video of Plaza Callao

Plaza del Callao is another important meeting point in Madrid’s center, located in the surroundings of Sol, and on the Gran Via, separating the second and third stretches of it.

The area of Callao and Sol, are closed to traffic. Calle Preciados connects both squares. This together with the second stretch of Gran Via, make it one of the most important shopping areas of Madrid.

Gran Vía is an avenue in Madrid that begins with its low street numbers, where it meets with Calle Alcalá,

Video of La Gran Vía

This video takes us first through the part that goes from Plaza España to the Plaza de Callao, known as Madrid’s Broadway because it is the stretch of the street where most of the theaters and shows are.

The stretch of Gran Vía, from Callao to Calle Alcalá is where most of the fashion shops and hotels are.

Puerta del Sol Square Video

Video of Puerta del Sol, which is the geographical center of Spain. Sol is a meeting point, and a base for exploring the streets of downtown Madrid.

Video of San Miguel Market in Madrid

The Mercado San Miguel is an innovative gastronomic space, that has been declared of Special Cultural Interest of the city of Madrid.

Retiro Park Video